Food for Thought: the nature of identity

IN OUR LIVES, WE EAT MORE THAN JUST FOOD. One of my favorite television shows is the recently cancelled “Dollhouse.” An examination of the nature of identity and the existence of the human soul, set in a not-so-fictional real-world that questions the relationship between these two core ideas and tangibles like society, technology, greed, desire, … Continue reading

Ethos-U.N. and Tip #1 for Veg Dining Out

One of the most important skills to master as a vegetarian with meat-eating friends is the art of ordering off of a non-veg-friendly menu. True, plant-based diets are more the norm than ever thanks to healthy eating movements and fears about obesity and diabetes risk. And usually, the restaurant’s chef is ready with a backup … Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo for all! Plus, breakfast.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos! Wait, that’s not right. Oh well. Hola! I just made that greeting up. But it happens to be in the spirit of America’s annual celebration of the day, which is more of an excuse to celebrate Mexican culture (and sell beer) than it is of the official Mexican Independence … Continue reading