On washing vegetables.

I washed vegetables today. This evening. Immediately after arriving home. In the sink I usually cringe at, but that is newly scrubbed out of necessity by a frustrated mom. My second half-share of vegetables from my first year participating in a CSA (community-supported agriculture). Aren’t they beautiful? This week’s batch was particularly useful to me … Continue reading

Fun Food Talk: Road Chow

In this lifestyle article in USA Today, published last September, registered dietician and nutrition blogger Elizabeth Ward advocates for high-sodium, processed fast food as healthy food options. For breakfast, a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin or french toast sticks at Burger King? For dinner, a cheeseburger and salad with dressing or, whoa, Beefaroni? I’m all for convenience … Continue reading

Crab Grab: what is it about steamed crab that draws a crowd?

What is it about steamed crab legs?! Wherever they are, there will inevitably be a crowd of people, old and young and in-between, from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, standing with tongs in their hands and the image of nutcrackers breaking open the shells to reveal pink-and-white flesh in their mind. My family is not … Continue reading

Fast Food: vending machine meals

Chef Terrance Brennan, of New York’s Picholine and Artisanal, is known for emphasizing cheese in his celebrated dishes. So I consider myself lucky to have a nearly cheese-less dish as my first taste of Brennan’s culinary expertise.  As it happens, my latest foray into gourmet cooking is also more affordable than a reservation would be, … Continue reading