Mom’s First CSA Trip

Word to the wise:  Getting Mom to accept your weekly CSA half-share deposit in the fridge (where it gradually takes over, depending on how much leftovers your grandparents bestow upon you) is like getting your toddler to try new foods — get her involved in the preparation.

In the tradition of all great discoveries that changed the course of mankind’s food history, I stumbled upon the wisdom of this ancient trope by chance. (Remember how the popsicle was invented?) My Wednesday evening schedule usually consists of me commuting straight from work in Manhattan to the Flatbush Farm Share pick-up location in Brooklyn, then on my merry way home, further along the B/Q. But this week, I had an online writing seminar I wanted to check out (which didn’t go according to plan, but more on that later). So my mother insisted on driving over to meet me at the church (the Farm Share location) and taking the bounty off my hands. Voila!

Here’s a shot of her sniffing at a cantaloupe.

Can you believe it?! A CANTALOUPE! I was so excited. You see, I gave up my fruit half-share to a woman behind me in line that first week because she REALLY wanted it — just like I REALLY wanted to keep my $100. And ever since then, I have been bypassing the tiny, sweet strawberries, plump plums, ripe nectarines and whatever other fruit is in season on my way to get my egg half-carton, staring longingly, yet also secure in the knowledge that I probably wouldn’t finish it all up anyway. So this week, a cantaloupe in my weekly vegetable share was the perfect compromise.

The other Score Of The Week in the produce department was this yellow pattypan squash.

Now the fridge is full of another batch of fresh veggies. We had to trash a couple of moldy squash and zucchini from two weeks ago (see? This is why I only need a half-share) to make room for it, but now everything’s all fresh and bright in there again. I’ve already begun plotting bean salads, salad toppings, stir fries and soups for these large morsels, some of which have since been a success.

And my mom? She is still not thrilled with the fridge being overtaken by vegetables, but at least now she sees that I’m serious about using them and she’s helping me with dicing (I’m big on large chunks, whereas she goes for the tiny ones more suitable for stuff like egg salad) and other cooking pointers which we never got to go over back when she put her fantastic cooking skills to use and I was banned from approaching the stove for fear (some reasonable, some not) that I’d injure myself. My bean salad will be coming up in a post tomorrow.

Oh, and that online writing seminar? I arrived late after catching the Brooklyn-bound train out of force of habit, and then having to turn back to the city, and then decided that I didn’t feel like paying the $65 fee for a course that would likely reiterate much of what I already know, can figure out on my own, or can get elsewhere for free. But it was nice to get out and about!


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