photo untaken. market by numbers. my dream menu item.

The little boy looked like he came out of a Saturday afternoon special: straight, floppy brown hair in a bowl cut, impassive face with observant eyes, sporty casual dress shirt, blue knee shorts. Two women followed, one older, middle-aged, and one, pregnant and snacking, younger. At the older woman’s command, he sat in the empty middle seat between two strangers on the Manhattan-bound B train. The two women sat facing him, next to one another. They were talking in what I took to be Russian.

The boy was quiet and stayed in his seat. He swung his legs a bit. Placed his hands under his legs. Looked around a bit.

The women continued chatting and snacking, keeping an eye on him every now and then.

Then the younger woman put aside her bagel and reached into the small plastic shopping bag hanging from her forearm, pulling out a only partially-sipped-from bottle of Peach Iced-Tea Snapple. She looks up at the boy, he nods, she holds it out to him.

He gets up, one hand on the metal pole between them for balance, and takes the bottle in the other hand, quickly hugging it to himself like a cherished toy. Or a breakable toy. Once he finishes back-stepping back to his seat, he twists open the bottle and lifts it up to his mouth, finally drinking up the sweet, sugary nectar.

He looks refreshed. In a strange way, he also looks less typical. People are usually at their rawest when eating or drinking. Especially when truly hungry or thirsty.

* * *

Courtesy of the 2010 USDA National Farmers Market Directory press release, which can be searched here:

“Top 10 states with the most farmers markets: California (580), New York (461), Illinois (286), Michigan (271), Iowa (229), Massachusetts (227), Ohio (213), Wisconsin (204), Pennsylvania (203) and North Carolina (182);

Top 10 states, by percentage, with market growth from 2009-2010: Missouri (77), Minnesota (61), Idaho (60), Michigan (60), Indiana (47), South Dakota (46), Arkansas (41), Washington (37), Ohio (36) and Oklahoma (31).”

And here’s the page on Wholesale Farmers Markets.

* * * reports that Blossom, also known as Heather’s Favorite Vegan Restaurant in NYC, is opening a series of fast food outposts, to be called Blossom Du Jour! As if that weren’t make-my-day-worthy enough, their menu includes POT PIE!

“The cafés will offer fresh-pressed juices, wraps, salads, soups, pot pies, baked goods, raw and gluten-free options, and even soft-serve ice cream.”

Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve missed that deliciousness since going veg.  I can’t afford Amy’s Kitchen pies on any regular basis and I haven’t tried my hand at making it myself yet, so YAAAYYYY!!!

Blossom Du Jour is due to open on September 19th in Chelsea.

(Wow, lots of food shops I love are in or moving to Chelsea. TJs, Blossom, and Fish’s Eddy, to name a few.)

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