The day I discovered powdered eggs…

… I was horrified. I had had no idea that these existed. And I realized that, judging by the taste of the “food” in my mouth, I had been eating powdered eggs since my elementary school days, and likely every time I walked into a fast food chain before I went and boycotted them starting in high school.

So, let’s address my reaction step-by-step:

Horror. I was having brunch with college friends at a wedding this past Labor Day weekend and had scarfed down my portion of scrambled eggs before I overheard one girl’s boyfriend warning her the eggs were powdered. I was all, WHAT?! Those exist?! (And I’ve been eating them?!)

This is what I think of when I think scrambled eggs. Whole eggs, a bowl, a whisk, some salt and pepper. (Photo courtesy of nkzs at

These exist?! Why? Which is silly, now that I think about it, because of course they exist, just as powdered milk exists. NASA rations them out for astronauts. Soldiers have had them for decades in their ration packs (“Just add water!”). Dehydration of food products gives it a longer shelf life and, with nutrient fortification, greater nutritional value when other food sources are scarce. So yes, it has practical purposes. But it had never occurred to me that these rations would be served in heaping buffet-style portions at fancy restaurants. Isn’t fresh and real ingredients what we’re paying for? Apparently, not. Makes me love my CSA box and farmer’s markets even more.

So that’s what these are! No wonder they taste so much mushier and grainier than the scrambled eggs I make at home with farm-fresh eggs. Maybe the ingredients would be different if I ordered an egg-white-only omelette instead? Eh, I don’t need eggs so desperately. I’ll just stick to my oatmeal, fruit, French toast, salads, maybe a hard-boiled egg, when I go out for breakfast from now on.

Dear reader, what foods have you been surprised by? Was it that the food existed or that it was prepared a certain way? Let’s share! Perhaps such a list could e turned into a unique potluck one day.

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  1. Powdered eggs are also bad for you. The dehydrating process oxidizes the cholesterol in them and makes it toxic. (The same is true for powdered milk.)

    I don’t have any new surprises, but I must say I was pretty shocked when I found out about powdered eggs too. Yuck!

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