Meatless barbecue at Rub BBQ.

BBQ. What else does one eat after watching a wronged immigrant named Machete slash his way through Mexico and southern Texas to expose drug dealers, crooked cops, murderous politicians, and the well-endowed figures of vigilantes and federal agents?

After a random and mildly exhaustive search of menus posted on the windows of Chelsea eateries, Stace and I had Boris pick something, anything, along 7th Avenue and 23rd Street. Off to Rub BBQ we went!

We started our meals with drinks. I had the Rub Sweet Tea and a cup of water with lemon. The sweet tea was delicious. Sweet, but not so much so that you lose the tea taste. I had been curious what exactly sweet tea is compared to plain old sweetened iced tea and basically, there’s not much difference, at least in this version. Less sugar, perhaps. Or a different kind of sugar and steeping order.

Then came the entree: a pulled portobello burger with horseradish sauce and  a side of potato salad. All burgers come with a few sliced pickles, as well. Just make sure to look for them underneath the wax paper.

Quite yummy all around. A substantial portion size of potato salad, enough to make even me feel full before finishing it. The pulled portobello was intriguing and a welcome taste or tangy barbecue for a girl who hasn’t had BBQ ribs in six years. I think the “pulled” label is just for show, though, as the mushrooms weren’t any stringier or more textured than usual. With practice, I could probably make this at home.

We were rather full already, but Stace had spotted bacon chocolate chip cookies listed on the menu so we had to try it.

She was in heaven. Boris declared them good, but a bizarre combination. I proceeded to pick out the bits of cookie with bacon chunks and plop them into Stace’s tray before eating the chocolate chips myself. They were good, but obviously not something I should get again in the future, for obvious reasons as well as reasons of table etiquette.

Atmosphere verdict: Cozy and relaxing.

Food Verdict: delicious, but at $10.25 for the burger alone, not something I’d go back for. Meat-eaters might find the value more balanced, though.

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