Dish A Day: potato hash

I am a breakfast for lunch kind of gal. IHOP is my friend. So when I awoke on Tuesday about an hour after 12 noon and inspected the contents in my fridge, I decided that it was time to make use of the sliced potatoes Mom and I had boiled in the microwave on Sunday and try my hand at making home fries/potato hash.

As I had been snacking on the potato slices cold for the past day, I now had the perfect amount to fit in the pot/skillet, along with the sliced red peppers and red onions I’d prepped before running off to watch “Machete” and eat BBQ with Stace and Boris. A little olive oil, regular stirring with a wooden spoon, some splashes of water to keep it all moist,  a bit of salt, and voila, it turned out pretty as a picture and tastier than I had dared hope. The tubular shape of the fingerlings ensured that this did not look like diner hash, but it looked cuter and tasted even better.

Once these were done, I gave the pot a quick rinse before pouring in the scrambled eggs, red onions, and hand-ripped Muenster cheese. I’m a sucker for flavor and just-browned potato-veggie hash has lots of flavor that can be absorbed into a mushy omelette.

Plating it along with a drizzle of TJ’s Tuscan Italian vinaigrette over some washed salad greens and a leftover tomato chunk in one of my Ikea bowls scored from a prop sale at work, I snapped a quick photo before devouring this meal with pride. And since I had used three eggs and lots of potatoes, there was enough left over for my mom to eat later that night!

It really does feel good to create a meal from scratch with farm-fresh ingredients (the only not farm-fresh items were the salt and the pre-packaged cheese). Seeing my stash of of CSA veggies dwindle just a little bit also helped the morale boost. =)


  1. Yum! I often make home fries or hash browns for John; he loves his potatoes. 🙂 Onions, green and red peppers, and even jalapenos are delicious additions. (Can’t eat any of those now … sigh.) But cheese is always a delicious addition.

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