Lula’s Sweet Apothecary

I am pretty sure that I was born without a sweet tooth. Growing up, while the rest of my classmates would eagerly run to the Sweet Shop to get lollipops and gum and licorice galore, I’d tag along to be a part of the action and to admire all the pretty colors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hot chocolate and the fluffiness of cotton candy, but that’s all sensory stuff. I enjoy Kit-Kats and Milky Way chocolate nuggets, but that’s more for the crunch and nougat, which is not candy in and of itself. And I like dessert pies and ice cream, but that’s because they’re not so overdosed on sugar that I gag.

Maybe it’s a tastebud issue. Tastebuds are a sensory organ on your tongue that senses when food is sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. How many you have affects your sensitivity and preference to certain foods. Fewer tastebuds result in less of a response to different flavors. This might result in a greater ability to endure spicy or overly sweet foods. More tastebuds means a person might be a supertaster – extra sensitive to foods with bitter properties. About 25% of the population aligns with each of these groups. The rest are average tasters and can taste the bitterness, spiciness and whatnot, but not to any extreme.

So if I had to list my favorite sweets, it would be ice cream, fruit pies, and chocolate mousse. Oh, I love strawberry shortcake bars.

Although I’d heard about the “scrumptious,” “awesome,” and “delicious” vegan ice cream from this ice cream parlor, with sweets low on my priority list, it took me a couple of years to make it over to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (516 East 6th St., NY, NY; 646-912-4549) for a creamy fix, but I’m glad that i finally did.


Stumped, my friend and I ordered one order of Chocolate-Vanilla swirl frozen yogurt and one order of double scoop CookiesNCream-Drumstick-BirthdayCake ice cream and shared. Both were amazing. Made with homemade cashew cheese and/or soy, these treats are so much smoother than regular ice cream made with cow’s milk. And they taste just as good!

And this sundae is just a pretty sight that another customer was walking away with. Check out that sundae glass!

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