About Heather and HungryHeather


I was born and raised into the third generation of a Chinese American family that is willing to cook and eat almost anything. I have trained as a health reporter and editor, but one of my first loves – which fuels my investigations – is the relationship between food, eating and culture.


Q: What is this blog to be?
A: This blog is designed to chronicle my adventures in all things food. Yes, the kind you cook and eat, but also the kind you think. So the writing on this site will include the requisite cooking experiments, restaurant reviews and food photography, yes. But, more than being just a food blog, it will also be home to travel observations, food facts/history, cuisine culture, and edible etymology.

Think of it as a table. A big, blank, beautiful sanded brown wood or marbled granite table. That you built out of ingredients that you foraged, tasted, felt, shaped. Tabula rasa, only with a theme.

It is my firm belief that “food” does not just refer to the things we physically eat, chomp on, digest. Food is not only edible. It also defines the life experiences we have – those sensory, sensual, visual feelings we encounter by virtue of living. We are all food adventurers, by virtue of our need to consume, digest and create.

Q: What makes Heather hungry?
A: I love good food and conversation, especially when it is being shared over a table full of cheer, spirits (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and stories.
I love the story behind the story, knowing where my food came from and not just in a green, locavore, Michael Pollan sort of way. I mean how the food has transformed over time depending on the lens through which different people look at it. For example, both ancient Chinese and Italian cultures had the idea to ground wheat into flour, mix in water and eggs, then cut it up into noodles. But where one saw a base ingredient for soups, stir fries and hot pots, the other tossed some crushed tomatoes on top. And as for those tomatoes, they were used in Mexico and Central America long before being taken to Europe — where they were used for decoration as they were thought to be poisonous.
So another thing I am hungry for is knowledge, whether for cooking techniques, spices or cultural histories.

Q: Why a food-themed blog?
A: Because I love food and admire many food bloggers. I also love how food is so easily a metaphor that encapsulates living, which is what I strive to do.

Another tack would be as James over at Me So Hungry noted in a comment on Amy Blogs Chow: of the many motivations spurring food bloggers on, mine would not be the seeking of fame or a steady source of income, or even the notion that I’m providing some invaluable service that is unable anywhere else. So for me, it’s purely selfish — I also want the commitment, the routine, to improve my writing and, ultimately, to sate my hunger for learning new things, sharing experiences and perhaps even making new friends.

Join me!

If you have any questions about being hungry, or about any of my posts or stories, let me know and maybe I’ll answer the question here!


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