Spicing up my life.

As the Spice Girls sang, “every boy and every girl, spice up your life!” Sure, they didn’t mean it like kitchenistas do, but that’s what makes that line fun: its versatility. Just like spices and herbs! Now, I’m still learning about uses of herbs in my own cooking, so my spice rack, inherited from my … Continue reading

On chili and vegetarian options.

I received an email today from Food Systems NYC notifying me of the upcoming NY Chili Fest 2011 on January 30th in Chelsea Market. This excited me as I absolutely love the stuff, and really, anything hearty and stew-like. As I scanned the event description and list of participating competitors, though, I realized that every single … Continue reading

Non-alcoholics anonymous.

In the U.S., food-wise, the winter holidays are a time for chestnuts roasting over the open fire and little glass mugs of rum-spiked egg nog. In other words, the time for laughter while breaking out the bubbly with family and friends. But what happens when you neither drink nor want to hide that you prefer … Continue reading

Twenty-six years of tasting later, an urge to cook my own masterpiece

I tend to define my days and self-worth in terms of employment status, personal hopes, and day-to-day experiences. Which is where the following retrospective-to-present-reflection is coming from. Four years ago, serendipity granted me the day off from work for my 22nd birthday. Our start-up publishing office was moving from a tiny basement apartment on the … Continue reading

More than just an eater?

I’ve been thinking constantly about what I want to do with my life and trying to reconcile that with what I feel like I need to do in my life. It’s a tricky thing, this self-discovery and life-building process, and it doesn’t help that I’ve always had problems with indecision, even without the whole you-only-have-one-life-don’t-screw-it-up … Continue reading

New surprises for a new week.

This Monday was Labor Day, the federal holiday to celebrate the nation’s workers, written into law after a particularly contentious labor strike in 1894, and a day in which Americans (in the U.S.) mark the end of the unofficial end summer with barbeques, picnics, parties, games, and other opportunities to enjoy the last vestiges of … Continue reading

The day I discovered powdered eggs…

… I was horrified. I had had no idea that these existed. And I realized that, judging by the taste of the “food” in my mouth, I had been eating powdered eggs since my elementary school days, and likely every time I walked into a fast food chain before I went and boycotted them starting … Continue reading

Expiration dates

I got trashed this weekend. Or, more accurately, some of my stuff got trashed. And all because my life appears to have hit the threshold for purposeful ignorance of the laws of life and death – expiration – as they relate to everything from food and cosmetics to career paths and life. Food Apparently, refrigerated … Continue reading

photo untaken. market by numbers. my dream menu item.

The little boy looked like he came out of a Saturday afternoon special: straight, floppy brown hair in a bowl cut, impassive face with observant eyes, sporty casual dress shirt, blue knee shorts. Two women followed, one older, middle-aged, and one, pregnant and snacking, younger. At the older woman’s command, he sat in the empty … Continue reading

On washing vegetables.

I washed vegetables today. This evening. Immediately after arriving home. In the sink I usually cringe at, but that is newly scrubbed out of necessity by a frustrated mom. My second half-share of vegetables from my first year participating in a CSA (community-supported agriculture). Aren’t they beautiful? This week’s batch was particularly useful to me … Continue reading