NYC: Food trucks welcomed Park-side

At the beginning of the year, Eater reported that the NYC Parks Department was seeking to install city-sanctioned food trucks at certain parks throughout the five boroughs. Specific intersections within green space like Central Park, Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and McCarren Park made the list. Other corners are given the “Mobile trucks are … Continue reading

On chili and vegetarian options.

I received an email today from Food Systems NYC notifying me of the upcoming NY Chili Fest 2011 on January 30th in Chelsea Market. This excited me as I absolutely love the stuff, and really, anything hearty and stew-like. As I scanned the event description and list of participating competitors, though, I realized that every single … Continue reading

Butterbeers for all!

With the beginning of the end of the Harry Potter movie franchise upon us, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the recipes I have come across that common Muggles have recreated from the pages of J.K. Rowling’s immortal novels. From Mrs. Weasley’s Rock Cakes and Ton-Tongue Toffees to Butterbeer and … Continue reading

Of Food Stories and Cookbook Launch Parties.

Funny how I took no photo of Amanda Hesser nor the recipe collection she compiled, The Essential New York Times Cookbook. And I can’t take a photo now because I didn’t buy the $40 tome (the cost, not the error on page 932) being my reason for not purchasing it), instead opting for fellow NYT … Continue reading

photo untaken. market by numbers. my dream menu item.

The little boy looked like he came out of a Saturday afternoon special: straight, floppy brown hair in a bowl cut, impassive face with observant eyes, sporty casual dress shirt, blue knee shorts. Two women followed, one older, middle-aged, and one, pregnant and snacking, younger. At the older woman’s command, he sat in the empty … Continue reading

Food For Thought: Public Markets as Economic Catalyst?

The Project for Public Spaces published an article this month calling for a national study on the economic impact of public markets, with one of the goals being to find out just how many jobs are and might be created by the development and presence of a public market in a community. This would be … Continue reading

Food News: PepsiCo funds Yale Nutritional Science Fellowship

As announced in a press release from Yale Medical School, PepsiCo is funding a new fellowship in Nutritional Science. Okay, what kind of Orwellian world has Yale Med decided to create in the name of a little wad of green inked paper? Taking funds from the corporate giant that stands to lose good PR, if … Continue reading

Food News: Rubbing Salt in the Wound

With rising public interest and awareness in the relationship between food and health, city officials across the country have jumped aboard the grassroots bandwagons with enthusiasm, proposing and then passing laws to eliminate trans-fats from restaurant foods, require restaurants to prominently display calorie and other nutritional information on their menus, grade food establishments on a … Continue reading

Food News: Lobster Marketing?

Hey, cheap lobster everybody! What’s most fascinating to me is the talk of down-marketing lobster from celebratory treat to everyday food. While a cool and clever idea, I’d think that if successful, it could backfire if and when prices go up again and they end up having to catch more lobster than they can, especially … Continue reading