On washing vegetables.

I washed vegetables today. This evening. Immediately after arriving home. In the sink I usually cringe at, but that is newly scrubbed out of necessity by a frustrated mom. My second half-share of vegetables from my first year participating in a CSA (community-supported agriculture). Aren’t they beautiful? This week’s batch was particularly useful to me … Continue reading

Fun Food Talk: Road Chow

In this lifestyle article in USA Today, published last September, registered dietician and nutrition blogger Elizabeth Ward advocates for high-sodium, processed fast food as healthy food options. For breakfast, a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin or french toast sticks at Burger King? For dinner, a cheeseburger and salad with dressing or, whoa, Beefaroni? I’m all for convenience … Continue reading

Food for Thought: the nature of identity

IN OUR LIVES, WE EAT MORE THAN JUST FOOD. One of my favorite television shows is the recently cancelled “Dollhouse.” An examination of the nature of identity and the existence of the human soul, set in a not-so-fictional real-world that questions the relationship between these two core ideas and tangibles like society, technology, greed, desire, … Continue reading

Food For Thought: Public Markets as Economic Catalyst?

The Project for Public Spaces published an article this month calling for a national study on the economic impact of public markets, with one of the goals being to find out just how many jobs are and might be created by the development and presence of a public market in a community. This would be … Continue reading