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Spicing up my life.

As the Spice Girls sang, “every boy and every girl, spice up your life!” Sure, they didn’t mean it like kitchenistas do, but that’s what makes that line fun: its versatility. Just like spices and herbs! Now, I’m still learning about uses of herbs in my own cooking, so my spice rack, inherited from my … Continue reading

A homage to Brian Jacques

Nooooo! Brian Jacques, we will miss you and your beloved and amazing imagination and storytelling ability! You introduced me to the concept of leek and potato pasties and I have never been the same. Rest in peace. <insert camera phone photo of me and Brian Jacques at NY English Teachers conference here> Mr. Jacques passed … Continue reading

NYC: Food trucks welcomed Park-side

At the beginning of the year, Eater reported that the NYC Parks Department was seeking to install city-sanctioned food trucks at certain parks throughout the five boroughs. Specific intersections within green space like Central Park, Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and McCarren Park made the list. Other corners are given the “Mobile trucks are … Continue reading

What’s for dinner?

Ah, that time-tested question that has been the subject of countless households and the subject of a memorable series of 90s-era TV commercials (“Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner!“) in a wildly successful (88 percent of Americans recognize the phrase!) ad campaign by The Beef Industry Council and The Beef Board. Ah, I love the 90s. … Continue reading

Bosc pear – 69 cents from Trader Joe's-Chelsea

My new idea of a drumstick…

Growing up, my preferred cooked chicken part was the drumstick. (Second choice was chopped up darker white meat.)  Not only was it the most convenient to hold, but the most convenient to eat, too. I didn’t want to be bothered with cutting up my own meat off the breast or the thigh, and, in retrospect, … Continue reading

Why I Haven’t Posted: a quick note

Hey guys! I’ll make this quick, since my MacPro keeps shutting itself off every few minutes. First, to my regular readers, thanks for sticking by me and your patience! I have a lot of restaurant reviews, cooking adventures, food-related ruminations, and even some videos to post, so there’s that to look forward to! To new … Continue reading

On chili and vegetarian options.

I received an email today from Food Systems NYC notifying me of the upcoming NY Chili Fest 2011 on January 30th in Chelsea Market. This excited me as I absolutely love the stuff, and really, anything hearty and stew-like. As I scanned the event description and list of participating competitors, though, I realized that every single … Continue reading

Non-alcoholics anonymous.

In the U.S., food-wise, the winter holidays are a time for chestnuts roasting over the open fire and little glass mugs of rum-spiked egg nog. In other words, the time for laughter while breaking out the bubbly with family and friends. But what happens when you neither drink nor want to hide that you prefer … Continue reading

Twenty-six years of tasting later, an urge to cook my own masterpiece

I tend to define my days and self-worth in terms of employment status, personal hopes, and day-to-day experiences. Which is where the following retrospective-to-present-reflection is coming from. Four years ago, serendipity granted me the day off from work for my 22nd birthday. Our start-up publishing office was moving from a tiny basement apartment on the … Continue reading

Butterbeers for all!

With the beginning of the end of the Harry Potter movie franchise upon us, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the recipes I have come across that common Muggles have recreated from the pages of J.K. Rowling’s immortal novels. From Mrs. Weasley’s Rock Cakes and Ton-Tongue Toffees to Butterbeer and … Continue reading