photo untaken. market by numbers. my dream menu item.

The little boy looked like he came out of a Saturday afternoon special: straight, floppy brown hair in a bowl cut, impassive face with observant eyes, sporty casual dress shirt, blue knee shorts. Two women followed, one older, middle-aged, and one, pregnant and snacking, younger. At the older woman’s command, he sat in the empty … Continue reading

Taking Back My Lunch. Review of Birch Coffee.

Everything in life is a little easier with the help of friends. Taking back your lunch hour is no different. Last week, serendipity smiled and gave me the chance to meet a friend for lunch.  The Flatiron District was our oyster, but as the weather was still crazy hot and humid, we opted against the … Continue reading

Mom’s First CSA Trip

Word to the wise:  Getting Mom to accept your weekly CSA half-share deposit in the fridge (where it gradually takes over, depending on how much leftovers your grandparents bestow upon you) is like getting your toddler to try new foods — get her involved in the preparation. In the tradition of all great discoveries that … Continue reading